Dinosaur T-rex

Dinosaur T-rex will bring a huge joy to this happy boy on Christmas. And here is what his mom said:

“Hello Dalibor,
I have only just seen your emails as I was finding your name in my inbox to send you an email! It is to say thank you so much!! I have just received the dinosaur and very, very happy with it! My son will absolutely love it, I have told him Santa’s elves are busy making it for Christmas, I shall send you a picture of my son with the dinosaur at Christmas.
I have already posted about your work with a link to your Facebook page, my friends have shown lots of interest. Here is my son holding up his dinosaur picture which you are welcome to use online if you like. It is an identical match, thank you again.
Best wishes
Natalie Kingsmill”
And I am sure, her son will love Christmas this year and his cute dinosaur T – rex.Dinosaur T - rex Dinosaur T - rex Dinosaur T - rex Dinosaur T - rex Dinosaur T - rex