child's drawing a man with hands like brooms

child’s drawing of a man with hands like brooms

Child's drawing softie

Child’s drawing softie










Q: What do you do?
A: I make plush-filled dolls/toys (softies) based on children’s drawings/paintings,
turning 2-dimensional fantasies into a 3-dimensional reality.

Q: How much money does creating such a doll cost?
A: It depends on the size of the doll, amount of material used and complexity.
Price for plush filled toys start from $50 (45 EUR). Sometimes it may take a whole week
to make just one doll. This includes finding the best possible material,
designing plans and starting all over again in case the customer is not
satisfied with the final product. The quality always has to be above quantity.
Each plush doll is handmade which makes it unique. No two dolls
are ever identical. Or look here .

Q: Do you ship dolls all over the world? Where do you send them from?
A: The dolls are sent from Croatia (Europe) to any country world-wide (unless the country is in a war state
or similar).

Q: What about the shipping price?
A: The price is usually between $15-$30 (14 EUR – 28 EUR) towards other countries, and around $10 (9 EUR) for locals. Look here.

Q: How to order a doll?
A: Please check out the “How To Order” tab.

Q: How long do I have to wait to receive the doll I ordered?
A: It depends on the amount of previously made orders. But its shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks after ordering.

Q: How similar will the doll look to what my child drew?
A: I try my best to make the doll look as accurate as possible. Sometimes it’s better if the child states what it
had in mind while drawing/painting, because there is no limit to their imagination. Either way, I always send pictures
of what the doll looks like before sending it.

Q: Do you make branded dolls/toys?
A: No, due to copyright and other forms of protection. I also appreciate my work not being copied.

Q: Will you make any kind of dolls?
A: I mostly do them according to children’s drawings, as You can see in the gallery.
Older people draw more complex things which require more work, thus increasing the price itself.
I will let You know if the doll can be made after seeing the drawing/painting.

Q: How safe is it for my child to play with such a doll?
A: It’s completely safe. All the materials I use are soft (cotton, silk, plush, etc…)
I don’t use hard materials unless previously agreed by You.

Q: Are plush filled toys and stuffed smiley face pillows at the same price?

A: For Prices look here.

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