How do you make a plush toy

How do you make a plush toy?

How do you make a plush toy is  very often question my friends ask me. They think this is very difficult to do. Well, they are right most of the time.

How do I make a plush toy isn’t secret.

I turn childrens dreams into reality…well, kind of. I design and create plush filled toys for kids, based on their own drawings and ideas. Having a burning desire to express myself artistically plus having a lot of spare time is what brought me to this “world”, where I can use my imagination to bring happiness and joy to children, since I still consider myself to be a child deep within my soul. What could be better than that? Make your childrens dreams and ideas come true and awaken your own inner child in case it’s still sleeping.

How do you make a plush toy

The process of making such a toy looks something like this:

After seeing the drawing,

I first visualize its “3D model” which I later project onto a piece of paper and create a scheme (pattern) of some sort. After cutting the pieces and putting them together using a needle and some thread, it becomes a unique, custom made plush toy.

Although I do use a sewing machine, the big part of the work is done by hand because I tend to include as much detail as possible from the drawing itself.

It takes me anywhere from a few hours up to several days to finish one toy, depending on the complexity and the amount of materials required.

I enjoy the whole process, but the part I enjoy the most is the one I don’t usually get to participate in;

The moment the child recieves it’s toy.

Sometimes, their parents like to send me some photos of that moment and I can always see a big smile on the childrens faces after they’ve recognized their own drawing.

I believe they will remember that moment for the rest of their lives.


When it comes to crafting toys, the thing I care about the most is quality. Every toy is made to last a long time. I am very dedicated and I pay a lot of attention to details, that’s why sometimes it takes more time.

So, when someone ask me how do you make a plush toy, I just can’t tell a simple answer.

And this plush toy on picture  was not difficult to make , but it required a lots of time to be done. Just look how many ice creams  can this funny creature hold. Well, if I will have eight hands…this wouldn’t be problem at all.

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