Like I said, Marko is the cool guy and i made  this geek birthday gift for him.

He send me this photo with his gift on it.

geek birthday gift


The Soft toy train arrived  and brought joy on a cloudy day – I could not wait for my son’s  first day of school and I gave him this beautiful train! It was worth it! It’s beautiful and David was delighted with it. He could not believe how big the soft toy train was (he expected a small train) and general enthusiasm brought the track 🙂 Thank you very much and continue to do so beautifully and bring joy to children because there is nothing more beautiful than their sincere joy.

Best regards
Ivona and David

Soft toy train kid's drawing Soft toy train kid's drawing


When my little neighbor get his best gift, his smile talked a 1000 words.

Personalized custom plush filled toy softie Personalized custom plush filled toy softie

I just like it!

Every detail is so clear and it is so soffft. :-)))Soft toy based on child's drawing

“I’m very pleasured to get Shirtbird to my life changer. The bird is overall well done and the finishing is neat.

Many thanks!” Juuso Rummukainen – Finland

ShirtBird IMG_4129 WP_20150803_001 IMG_4111 ShirtBird IMG_4057 ShirtBird

“Oh wow!! THankssss! heehhehee. Okay this is great! I love the bunny!!!!

The project turned out to be better than what I expected. Very good response time and I really liked how I was able to give comments and make changes along the way! And i really loved the final output!

Communication was very good throughout the project!

Excellent turn-around time in making the doll! It turned out to be faster than what I expected!

Again, thanks for everything! Can’t wait to get the bunny :D”

J.P. , Charlotte, NC

Bunny Doll Bunny Doll Bunny Doll

Hello, this is Stefanie Kushner. I am absolutely in love with the bear you gave us. He looks amazing. Great work. Thanks so much. Grace loves it! She says she will sleep with it every night! Thanks!

Plush Teddy BearPlush Teddy Bear

 Best Dalibor! He has made my daughters lion come alive. She fell in love with the lion at first sight and named it Francis. It is so huggable and looks like my daughters drawing. I didn´t have to change a thing:) But if I would have wanted to change something it would have had been possible since I got pictures emailed before it was send to me . The support has been absolutely flawless. The response with whatever question I had was fast and everything has been so reliable. I would like to recommend this to anyone who would like to give the best present to a child! Thank´s!
Best regards Mikaela

Stuffed Lion Plush Toy Stuffed Lion Plush Toy Stuffed Lion Plush Toy Stuffed Lion Plush Toy

Hello Dalibor,

  Here is the picture  of my niece receiving the softie. She loved it as you can notice :))) Only now I was able to meet her :))))
Thank you very much,

“Thank you, Plish Plush! And thank you, RTL show “Sve u šest” ! Zara is so happy (I think you can tell by the photo). The plush toy is phenomenal, it doesn’t leace her sight! She even wanted it to be black from behind. She kept asking me: “How did they know that?” To which I responded: “Well, the artist can read kids minds :D”

She says that this is the best day in her life!”
Isabela, the mom
RTL contest prise
“Immense happiness!!!”
Sara’s mom.
Goat plush toy Goat plush toy
“It is the same as I dreamed and drawn. There are even spot on its ear. It  will always keep me and we will sleep and dream together every night. “
-Masha and her plush dog Angela-
The plush dog Angela The plush dog Angela